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D.N. Higa


Have you ever heard of a mouse who loves to eat rice balls? Have you ever heard of a rice ball? If not, let me introduce you to my friend Musubi Mouse. I'm sure you'll find him special and one of a kind.

Musubi Mouse lived in a house high above the clouds.

It was so high he had to take the elevator, because if he took the stairs, he'd be too tired when he got home.

Musubi Mouse got his name from eating rice balls, his favorite food. He loved to eat rice balls of all kinds, so he was quite roly poly.

"It is near impossible to read this charming and sweet-spirited book without smiling. I have read it to my young nephews who laughed at the story, pointed out details in the fun illustrations, and now they want to eat a sticky rice ball like 'Musubi'." — Jon Bernstein, Director, Playwright, and Screenwriter of "Meet The Robinsons," "Beautiful," "Ringmaster," and the hit stage musical "McCready."

"I loved reading "Musubi Mouse," a children's book which i totally enjoyed. Every page was a delight, filled with incredible illustrations which burst with imagination and color. The images were cute, funny, and heartwarming. This book is TRULY a wonderful contribution to the world of children's books." — Eric Morris, Actor, Acting Teacher, and Author of "No Acting Please," and many other books.

A Review from one of many moms:

"My kids have been asking me to read them Musubi Mouse several times a week. I told them about how you wrote it and they were inspired to write their own stories. They started writing out their own drafts last night. Thank you for creating such a treasured story for all." — Kristen O.

Expert Reviews from some Third Graders:

"I thought it was a good book. I loved the stories and the pictures. The best part was when Musubi Mouse had his birthday!" — Sophia

"I liked your book a lot. Can you write a series for the books?" — Sean P.

"I think Musubi Mouse was a great book. I really liked the illustrations and I think it had a fantastic ending." — Paige